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New member categories ! ?? (Read 4,022 times)
Stellar Patriot

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New member categories ! ??
18th Oct, 2010 at 6:51pm
Hey .. I've just noticed some
lime green
dudes on the Forum !!! Grin Grin

What is this strange new category "Stellar Patriot" and also in a fetching
larch needle green
"Legacy Stellar DJ" ??

I'm intrigued Shocked Grin Wink
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You're never too old to learn the drums !! Are you ??
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Re: New member categories ! ??
Reply #1 - 18th Oct, 2010 at 7:19pm
Hi there Jim,

Glad that somebody noticed ... Wink

Basically, a 'Stellar Patriot' is a forum member who's chipped-in 50.00 towards the monthly bills (server, website hosting, bandwidth, CDs, etc. etc.) - this status will last for a whopping six months from the time of donation. Plus, I hope to have an extremely high bit-rate stream online for 'S.A. Patriots' in the near future - as a way of giving something back to a listener who donates such an amount.

I still very much plan to keep the 'Associate' status going and nothing has changed with regards to this position on the forum.

As for 'Legacy DJ's', think of it as a 'retired S.A. DJ'. Somebody who once contributed their precious spare time and effort towards the programming here but no longer does so.

I'm going to be making an announcement before the end of the year regarding the forthcoming 'S.A. 2.0' which has been in the pipeline for what feels like forever. Again, the delay in giving the website a well needed overhaul (including lots more interactive features) is mostly due to financial constraints as well as my finding the spare time - the combination of my own money and donations simply going towards keeping the S.A. 'show on the road' these days.

As always, watch this space for further announcements as and when developments occur.

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