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Stellar Attraction News Archive

23 Dec 05

Feeling generous ? Maybe you'd like to help towards the ever-increasing bandwidth, server and CD costs and assist in the running of Stellar Attraction. It couldn't be easier, just click on the PayPal Donate button on the front page of the wesbite. Many thanks !!

22 Dec 05

Latest additions to the playlist include Caravan, Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree and Trevor Rabin. Enjoy !!

14 Dec 05

Following on from the success of last Friday's session by guest DJ 'Heracleum Mantegazziani', this coming Friday 16th December @ 9:00pm (GMT) we will be broadcasting a '24 Hour Marillion Marathon' compiled by our resident DJ Silver !! This session will feature a simply huge selection of music spanning the group's entire career to date, including material from 'Fish', 'H' and related artists. Check out the discussion forum for further information !!

6 Dec 05

This coming Friday 9th December we will be broadcasting a session compiled by guest DJ Heracleum Mantegazziani !! Starting @ 9:00pm (GMT) it will feature a simply huge selection of the finest Progressive Rock - many tracks never before featured on S.A. !! For more information, check out the discussion forum now !!

5 Dec 05

Another huge selection of music has been added to the latest playlist. Artists include, The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, Jethro Tull, Advent, East Of Eden, Room, Gryphon, Mostly Autumn, Greenslade, Can and Steve Howe just to name a few ... !!

5 Dec 05

Due to a recent server upgrade - which has involved a move to a new Data Centre - our streaming IP Address has changed. If you have the stream bookmarked, please re-bookmark us now !!

17 Nov 05

Stellar Attraction were privileged to be invited to the Syn gig at London's Marquee Club !! Exclusive photos can be found on the recently enhanced discussion forum - check them out now !!

12 Nov 05

The discussion forum  has now been upgraded to the latest release - YaBB version 2.1 !! Be sure to update your bookmarks / favourites accordingly as the address has now changed. Tons of new features, far too many to mention !! Enjoy.

21 Oct 05

The website has recently undergone a facelift. Apart from providing a sleeker look, the main new feature is a clearer display of the currently playing track plus the previous five tracks (including the times at which they were played) also being displayed. Each page of the website now automatically refreshes itself every 60 seconds, updating the song titles as necessary. Further enhancements are in the pipeline with the discussion forum due to be upgraded within the next few weeks. Watch this space !!

5 Oct 05

This Friday 7th October @ 9:00pm (GMT) we will be broadcasting show number  238 of 'The Canvas Prog Hour'. The programme, hosted by Matt Swetzier, has as the 'group in focus' 'The Kraan remasters'. Not to be missed !!

27 Sep 05

This coming Friday 30th September @ 10:00pm (GMT) we will be broadcasting a '48 Hour Yes Marathon' !! This will feature a simply huge selection of music spanning the group's entire career to date. It will also contain a large selection of material from the various band member's solo output including music by the 'Syn'. Definitely not to be missed !! Read more about the marathon on the discussion forum.

5 Sep 05

On Friday 9th September @ 9:00pm (GMT) we will be broadcasting another session by guest DJ 'Silver' - not to be missed !!

4 Sep 05

Another large selection of music added to the new playlist including Czar, Iron Claw, Jon Anderson, Can, Nektar, Spring and Home. Enjoy !! 

1 Aug 05

On Friday 5th August @ 9:00pm (GMT) we will be broadcasting a Prog Session compiled by guest DJ 'Silver' !!

8 Jul 05

An ALL NEW interview with Steve Nardelli and Chris Squire of The Syn will be broadcast on Wednesday 13th July @ 9:00pm (GMT) and 11:00pm (GMT). Amongst other things, Steve and Chris discuss all the latest happenings in the Syn camp and the plans for the forthcoming 'More Drama Tour' - not to be missed !!

23 Jun 05

The bitrate on the main server has been increased to a blistering 128 Kbps !!

4 Jun 05

On Friday 10th June @ 9:00pm (GMT) 'Stellar Attraction' will be broadcasting a '24 Hour Marillion Session' compiled by guest DJ Silver !! This will feature a simply huge selection of music from the group's career, including material from 'Fish'.

30 May 05

Photographs of the Umbrello Records launch and press conference !! Check them out on the discussion forum now !!

14 May 05

Stellar Attraction' interviews Steve Nardelli and Chris Squire of The Syn !! This will be broadcast on Saturday 21st May @ 21:00 GMT (17:00 EST) and repeated again in full on Wednesday 25th May @ 15:00 GMT (11:00 EST) - see you there !!

12 May 05

Latest additions to the playlist incude Eloy, Blodwyn Pig, Kansas, Three Man Army, Anthony Phillips and Waterloo.

29 Mar 05

Yet more fresh music added to the playlist. Including, The Syn (old and new !!), Soft Machine, Caravan, Mark-1, Camel and some excellent Gentle Giant live sets from 1974.

16 Mar 05

A '24 Hour Pink Floyd Session' will be held here on 'Stellar Attraction' on Friday 18th March. Check out the forum for further information !!

6 Mar 05

Due to demand, we will be holding another '24 Hour Yes Session' here on 'Stellar Attraction' on Friday 11th March starting @ 9:00pm (GMT). Requests can be made at the usual e-mail address or better still, check out the forum for further information.

13 Feb 05

A '24 Hour Genesis Marathon' is planned for Friday 25th February. As usual, further details can be obtained within the forum. Requests for this session can also be posted here !!

08 Jan 05

The New Year at S.A. has started with a bang - in the form of a HUGE number of new tracks being added to the playlist. Far to many to mention !! Enjoy.

7 Jan 05

We are now offering FREE POP 3 e-mail addresses !!('yournamegoeshere@stellar-attraction.com'). If you're interested, contact us for further information.

4 Jan 05

Links for the new 'dial-up listeners' stream have been added to the site.

3 Jan 05

A new second server is currently online for listeners who would like to tune-in using a dial-up connection. A link for this will be on the site asap. In the meantime, be careful which stream you choose if using the 'ShoutCast Yellow Pages'. There are now two listed - the broadband stream (96 Kbps) and the new dial-up stream (36 Kbps). Just check the bitrate which is displayed next to the station's name before tuning-in.

2 Jan 05

A 'What's Currently Playing' section has been added to the front page due to numerous requests.

1 Jan 05

Very best wishes for the New Year to all our listeners !!


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