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Googie Spell Check (Read 3,321 times)
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Googie Spell Check
18th Mar, 2010 at 9:49pm

Having installed a few updates to the website server, I've switched-on the Googie Spell spell checker within the forum.

Hopefully, this should be very straight forward in use. Simply click on the 'check spelling' link at any time when writing a post or making a reply and it will check your text for any spelling mistakes, underlining any that do occur. If you do make a spelling mistake, click on the highlighted word(s) and you'll be presented with a dialogue box where you can make a correction or simply choose to ignore the highlighted word(s).

As always, if any of you have any questions or are unsure as to how to use this feature, please post a reply in this thread or PM me personally.


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Re: Googie Spell Check
Reply #1 - 19th Mar, 2010 at 4:32am
Nice addition D! Works very well, thanks!

I'll use it for sure!
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