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HM Prog 4 Playlist (Read 4,502 times)
Heracleum Mantegazziani
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HM Prog 4 Playlist
16th Dec, 2007 at 12:04am
Here it is for all to see-Enjoy!

The Ikon - Utopia
Far Cry - Rush
Malignant Narcissism - Rush
Wanderlust - Inner Resonance
Journey from Mariabronn - Kansas
Paradox - Kansas
The Spider - Kansas
Circus - String Driven Thing
Circus of Becoming - Steve Hackett
Karn Evil 9 (Second Impression) - ELP
Astral Man
Nelly the Elephant
Fidgety Queen
Oh Willy
Show Me The Way - Nektar
Sabre Dance - Ekseption
Circus (Act 1&2) - Flairck
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2) - Ed Alleyne-Johnson
Robbery With Violins - Steeleye Span
Heartfeeder - String Driven Thing
Cat’s Eye/Yellow Fever - Van der Graaf Generator
Night - Jan Hammer & Jerry Goodman
Out of the Blue - Roxy Music
Telephone and Rubber Band - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Giles Farnaby’s Dream - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Mechelwind - Aera
8 Secondes - Les Cowboys Fringants
Tango Macabre - Dr. Dopo Jam
Suite IVa - The Complete Pentagram - Dr. Dopo Jam
Punkadiddle - Mike Oldfield
Downwind (Live) - Pierre Moerlen’s Gong
MatemaatekonLentonaytos - Pekka Pohjola w/ Mike Oldfield
Ensimmainen Oamu - Pekka Pohjola
Ouverture - Ekseption
Stuffed Tomato (Part 1) - Vangelis
The Modern Alchemist - Blodwyn Pig
Musmjolkaningsmaskinen - Zamla Mammaz Manna
Present from Nancy - Supersister
Accidents - Thunderclap Newman
Jaguar - The Who
I’m a Believer - Robert Wyatt
New York Girls - Steeleye Span w/ Peter Sellers (Ukelele)
Spring Song - Gryphon
We’re All As We Lie - Anthony Phillips
Paraffinalea - England
Zero - Island
Ce’ Un Paeseal Mondo - Maxophone
Up in the Air - Dixie Dregs (Steve Morse & Steve Howe)
Going Down - Jagga Jazzist
Gayu Gaya - Kraan
Electronika Mambo Musette - Univers Zero
Tserouf - Zao
Hot Mice - Wigwam
The Minister - The Move
Message from the Country - The Move
Piggy Pig Pig - Procol Harum
Still They’ll Be More (Live Isle of Wight 1970) - Procol Harum
Martin’s Tune (Live Stockholm 1969) - Jethro Tull
Christmas Song - Jethro Tul
Silent Night - Can
Marigold - Steve Hackett
A Doll Thats Made in Japan - Steve Hackett
Gongzillas Dillema - Gongzilla
Crosscurrents - Pierre Moerlen’s Gong
Percolation Part I+II - Gong
Mr Lacey - Fairport Convention
Obsolete Machine - Tassavallan Presidentti
Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
Jay, The Prog Boy - Quarkspace
Alpha and Omega - Boards of Canada
La Flamenca Elecrtica - Iceberg
Anonymus - Focus
Harem Scarem - Focus
Hocus Pocus (USA Single) - Focus
Hall of the Mountain KIng - The Who
Uberlandfahrt - ALtona
The Day of Timestop - Guru Guru
Lethargy Shuffle, Pt. 2 - National Health
Masks - Van der Graaf Generator
Gesolreut - Soft Machind  
Passacaglia Cromactica - Rolf Lislevand
The Conflict - Patrick Moraz
The World of Genius Hans - Moving Geletine Plates
The Plunzler Method - Djam Karet
Mitternachtstraum - Epiduarus
W Kalendarzu Mojego Zycio - Exodus
Tango Fango - Guru Guru
Earth (Still Our Only Home) - Jan Hammer & Jerry Goodman
21st Century Schizoid Man -21st Century Schizoid Band  
Nova Musica de la Llum - Iceberg
Magnificent Clockworks - Group 87
The Ache - Darryl Way’s Wolf
Flucht Nach Vorn - Peter Finger
Jadoo - Passport
Kugelblitz - Brand X
Little House I Used To Live In - The Mothers of Invention
We Are Not Alone - Frank Zappa

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Re: HM Prog 4 Playlist
Reply #1 - 16th Dec, 2007 at 7:31pm
Thanks man!!

Listening again now.....what a great selection of tunes!!!


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