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Message started by ProgMaster on 22nd Feb, 2012 at 7:39pm

Title: Update Your Tune-in Links !!
Post by ProgMaster on 22nd Feb, 2012 at 7:39pm

As has been advised on-air by myself on numerous occasions and on the discussion forum's news ticker-tape for several months, the two relay streaming servers have now been fully decommissioned and are offline.

For most of you, this change will be unnoticeable, however, it is possible that some of you will of had one of the relay server's direct address bookmarked in your chosen Media Player. The solution is simple - use one of the tune-in links on the front page of the website to ensure an immediate connection to the streaming servers and the music being broadcast. The tune-in links are as follows :-

128 kbps MP3 Server -

32 kbps AAC+ Server -

Please also note, that Stellar Attraction is still broadcasting at exactly the same bit-rate and bandwidth with no change in audio quality whatsoever due to this change.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to post within this thread.



Title: Re: Update Your Tune-in Links !!
Post by Yogi Bear on 29th Feb, 2012 at 9:52am
My portable radio has not been picking you up for a week or so and the link to you on wifiradio-frontier no longer works since your server change. I've downloaded a new link to your player to add to my station list so I'll see if that works this evening after work but you must be losing a lot of listeners who wouldn't go to the trouble or wouldn't know how to.
Oh well, good luck anyway,
Yogi Bear

Title: Re: Update Your Tune-in Links !!
Post by ProgMaster on 29th Feb, 2012 at 8:48pm
Hi there Yogi Bear and welcome to S.A.,

Just to expand on this briefly, the reason to decommission the relay servers was purely a financial one. With donations from listeners all but having dried-up in the past couple of years, running two independent servers which were doing exactly the same job no longer made any sense other than having a tune-in link which some of our listeners had bookmarked in their Media Player and had become familiar with.

The current Shoutcast servers (which broadcasts the music, having being fed by a connection from the source, SAM server, which sits with me) has been online for some time now, with the tune-in links for this server already on the main pages of the website. I've also announced numerous times on air that this decommissioning will be taking place and have also added a message in the 'ticker tape' which occasionally appears in the meta-data of a listener's Media Player. When full, listeners attempting to tune-in to the now decommissioned servers would have automatically been re-routed to one of the current servers.

Hopefully most listeners who experience any problems in tuning-in since the legacy, relay servers were decommissioned would simply Google 'Stellar Attraction Radio' (or similar) and either use one of the (now long active) tune-in links on the website or read the post on the news page, realise what has happened, click on one of the new links and not experience any further issues.

In saying the above, your specific scenario seems somewhat different as you're using tune-in links which are listed by a third party source. There are a number of websites, services, Media Player vendors themselves and the like which provide listings of internet radio stations. Stellar Attraction is often listed within these and I have a professional relationship with some - Nokia being a prime example. A lot of these 3rd party radio guides / listings update their links automatically so any defunct links should rectify themselves in due course, although not all do this. I had already contacted a number of such websites, either those that I'm already in contact with or know to be popular. I'm sorry to report that I hadn't heard of 'Wifi Radio Frontier' until now and hadn't informed them of this change. I'm certain there'll be others that I've missed as well.

This is by no means the first time that S.A. has for various reasons changed it's tune-in links (even hosting providers themselves have been known to change their IP address in the past) and there's always a slight 'dip' in listeners tuning-in as a result. But if past experience is anything to go by, the figures will soon start to climb back up again as listeners become aware of the new server links.

In the meantime, I'm sorry to hear that you were 'cut off' in the way that you were but hopefully you'll be up-and-running as normal by now. If you do experience any problems, please let me know.


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