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Latest server upgrade and maintenance (Read 106 times)
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Latest server upgrade and maintenance
31st Dec, 2018 at 9:35pm

The latest round of work is now complete.

Unfortunately, the ISO image deployed onto the server by the hosting company had the previous version of the operating system and not the current. This involved the hosting company having to deploy a new server in their data center and me having to unexpectedly migrate the entire server's contents over to and configure this new server. As always in such scenarios, I had prepared for re-installing and configuring the various control panels and new operating system but as I was in a situation which I hadn't planned for, I was once more 'up-against-the-clock'. Having to re-install and configure everything from scratch, move and keep hold of the existing IP address pool and to try to keep S.A. as available as possible.

Needless to say, this involved numerous additional work that I hadn't planned for nor expected and further bumps when trying to re-configure the new box. For the most part, this is now complete - although at the time of writing, I am still in contact with Shoutcast as S.A.'s audio streams have been dropping off of the Shoutcast yellow pages since this migration. I hope to have this rectified shortly.

Now that this is complete, I am going to be concentrating on the (ongoing ...) upgrade to the YaBB forum software here on S.A. and adding more new music to the database.

Apologies for the occasional disruption over the past month or so, these things do unfortunately happen from time-to-time.

More updates to follow and in the meantime, very best wishes for 2019.

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