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Progmotion Festival (1 - 9 - 2012) (Read 2,359 times)
Macros the Black
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Progmotion Festival (1 - 9 - 2012)
2nd Sep, 2012 at 10:07am
Hello and sorry for any bad English included ...

Yesterday night there was a festival of some sort here in my hometown named Progmotion festival , progmotion is a new concept to promote progressieve music in the Netherlands , they got a website , but it's Dutch ...

I have seen three  bands Wolverine was being replaced by Kingfisher Sky thanks to illness of the singer If i am correct.

The first band was a Dutch Progressieve Rock band with the name minor giant , a couple of youngsters and some who were a bit more older , they were very nice and where well inspired by the know progressieve rock bands like Dream Theater and bands like IQ , Flower Kings ... Pretty nice and hope to hear from them again ...

The second band is a band I know from here  Wink, Galahad - a shame for there former bass player who did from cancer last year ... Very good musicians I must say with a very nice mix of good progressieve rock on oncassion I even headbanged on it ....

Kingfisher Sky was something of a disappointment for many visitors , I don't think they could handle the Gothic in there music - but the more open minded visitors I think liked the band I was one of them since I also enjoy bands like Epica and After Forever , and I was happy enough to stay there ...

Later on I talked to some guy from a city in the middle of the Netherlands who indeed did say that many progressieve rock lovers might be a bit snobbish about other musicial styles , good for me I am not one of them ...

The good thing is in conversation with this guy I might just attend Loreley festival next year.  Smiley
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Yes Phreak

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Re: Progmotion Festival (1 - 9 - 2012)
Reply #1 - 6th Sep, 2012 at 6:48pm
Thanks macros. Cool
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