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Fusession II (Read 46,375 times)
Life Seeker

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Re: Fusession II
Reply #45 - 26th Feb, 2007 at 11:11pm
huntr_22 wrote on 26th Feb, 2007 at 8:59pm:
Hopefully your rest will not be for very long HM!!


Indeed!!--What huntr says!!----I'm glad that you didn't say that (above quote)to me!!---I would never let you or anyone down on the sleeping matter!!!--LOL!--I'm an expert in that business!!!--Not by choice though.
I got off big on DiMeola, Corea, especially Alan Holdsworth!!
It ALL was way GREAT!!---Hope to hit that movie again soon!!!

It is great to walk in the door today and here JT's-TAABrick!!!

Thanks HM!, for the holler!!.--You have a good week too man!!--And, to ALL here!!

Good Evening to all here now!!!!.----I will just sit back and listen and jam with these sounds here a bit for tonite.---Thanks!!!--Brent

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