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Message started by Macros the Black on 29th Jul, 2013 at 11:08am

Title: Night of the Prog 2012 Lorelay , St Goarhausen Germany
Post by Macros the Black on 29th Jul, 2013 at 11:08am
Sorry for my lame excuse of my bad grammar.  ;)

This year I finally been to what you can call the 'Prog Mecca' of mainland Europe two days of Prog Music on the beautifull 'Lorelay Rock' in Germany.

I have been to lots of Festivals but this was the first time I ventured to a truly Prog Festival (trough some bands might not be considerd prog by the purist) ...

A quick review of the bands ,

Sanguine Hum was a interesting easy beginning as a opening act , not loud an a bit much 'repeat' in there songs

... Sound of Contact you know that band of 'Simon Collins' still sounds a bit to much poppy for me but they got some Prog Potential with them , try Mobieus Slip ...

The Pineapple Thief was my real opener , I forgot how awesome Bruce and his gang are seen them live a couple of years back this 'modern indy prog rock act' did let me head hang a couple of times ... Kudos to them ...

Crippled Black Phoenix wasn't that bad trough the only band wich had a 'eye candy' , a shame they didn't let her sing a bit more often and they played a bit to long (the last half hour it was more a cover band) ... They got a couple of very interesting songs if you ask me trough.

Magma ..... Is another chapter this people having there own langauge , and like 50% didn't like them and 50% did really get in , I wasn't really suprised I did smell a couple of Joints here and there ...

Steven Wilson might be considerd being the 'Endboss' for the Prog If you ask me , Mr Perfect ... Ofcourse he is very good musician , trough a bit calm for a end act I still prefer Porcupine Tree over mr Wilson himself , a very good cinematic show ... Lucky for playing Radioactieve Toy in the Encourage ....

Day Two started of with Anima Mundi a neo Prog Rock act wich I really did enjoy never seeing them live but they are being promoted around here and have a hugh fanbase , they were nice and maked quit good neo prog standard music so a good start for day two.

Maybeshewill was awesome there shows they sound a lot 'heavier' than on there albums wich I really liked how to describe Maybeshewill Instrumental Prog Rock , a bit stoner with it , alternatieve , I really enjoyed them a lot ... (A eye opener) ...

Anglagard another 'old classic rock band' from Sweden , not sure about them didn't sound really bad and they had there moments but I think it wasn't meant for me to be ...

Amplifier a true shame for the Bad Sound and there Short Playlist (overrruled by Anglagard) , Amplifier is interesting since it might be more alternatieve rock than truly prog rock , but I also discoverd a 'grunge' sound in it so I assume people who enjoy Nirvana and Pearl Jam also might get a like of Amplifier . Wich might not be a very bad thing since Prog Rock might be considerd a world full of geeks and nerds.  ;)

Caravan was a bit to 'calm ' for me , yeah I know about there Canterbury stuff , but It wasn't truly the mood after Amplifier and Maybeshewill , but than I am not from the Hippie Seventies so rule me out on that part ... ;)

After Caravan and there in the Land of Grey and Pink there he was Devin Townsend , the master of Chaos , and Destruction on Night of the Prog .... A majority was headbanging there heads off well others 'cried' away from the mainstage .

Devin Townsend is truly a legend but also a very funny man who doesn't take himself to serious but also not about music genres from whacking into Prog Rock and in 'True Metal bands' , I am sure not everybody likes Devin Townsend and his Project but after Caravan it was truly a wake up call ...

Last but not least was Opeth seen on lots of festivals but this time he was the headliner and Mikeal can't shut up his mouth between his music I must admit , I first was affraid he would only play there newer work but lucky they still played a lots of there old Grunts , and Doom songs ...

Yeah I would recommend NoTP , good music , good beer , and awesome terrain , the food could have been a bit more than Bradwurst und Pommes but after that my new festival standard has been set.



Title: Re: Night of the Prog 2012 Lorelay , St Goarhausen Germany
Post by Yes Phreak on 29th Jul, 2013 at 11:56pm
What a great review!!  Thanks macros. 8-) :)

Title: Re: Night of the Prog 2012 Lorelay , St Goarhausen Germany
Post by pno74 on 30th Jul, 2013 at 9:31am
sounds  good :)

[smiley=cool.gif] [smiley=cool.gif]

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