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Message started by Macros the Black on 25th Nov, 2012 at 8:41am

Title: Kayak (24-11-2012)
Post by Macros the Black on 25th Nov, 2012 at 8:41am
Again forgive my band English and grammar  ;)

Yesterday I have seen the dutch prog rock band Kayak , they are on there fourty year tour ...

They did have some hits atleast in the Netherlands with Ruthless Queen and some song more but ofcourse hits aren't there best pieces , I would say that is the song about Merlin , the Bard of the Unseen .... Amongst many other good songs ...

To my suprise I thougth the music would be 'easy listening' for me (I am used to many kinds of music also Symphonic Death Metal  ;)) , but some songs where quite heavy ballads if you ask me ...

The Audience of show where many 50+'s , I with my 32 was quit young only the sons of some dads where younger than me ...

I would give you a playlist but I am bad with such things they played atleast once song from all the albums they released so far and only in the encourage they played Ruthless Queen so it's forgiven ...  ;)

This song nearly maked me cry during there show

They played this for Pim Koopman who died in 2009 of sudden heart attack ...

All together this band is a hugh recommedation for all progressieve rock fans of all ages and genders ...  :)

Title: Re: Kayak (24-11-2012)
Post by ProgMaster on 25th Nov, 2012 at 9:33pm
Hi there Macros,

Many thanks for the report. It sounds as if it was a great gig and delighted to hear that you enjoyed it.

Indeed, a great band which are often featured here on S.A.


Title: Re: Kayak (24-11-2012)
Post by Macros the Black on 26th Nov, 2012 at 4:04pm
Ton Scherpenzeel played for a time with Camel , and Pim Koopman died in 2009 from a heart failure , so they stopped playing for three years before considering to tour again ...

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