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Message started by Oldrocker on 13th May, 2011 at 4:14pm

Title: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by Oldrocker on 13th May, 2011 at 4:14pm
Whoo hoo !! Off to see Rush tomorrow !! ;D ;D

Should be really good - my first time seeing them !

Got this off the internet :  The Time Machine tour is an evening with Rush, where they will perform their classics, give a taste of the future and will – for the first time ever in the UK – feature the Moving Pictures album live in its entirety.

I will report back ... after the event !!
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Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by JaneEyre on 13th May, 2011 at 5:44pm
I'm sure you'll have an excellent time!  :)

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by Oldrocker on 15th May, 2011 at 12:09pm
I did indeed Jane - it was an amazing concert. :) :)

The venue - the SECC in Glasgow - is pretty imfamous for it's rotten acoustics, but last night Rush's sound was perfect !

You'd think that after nearly 40 years of performing they'd be a bit "tired" .. but hey, not a bit of it !! The whole performance was full of vitality & energy.
They played for a good 3 hours !  :o :)
Do you know, I'm quite sure Neil Peart never even broke a bead of sweat on his brow during the entire performance - quite a feat considering the intensity & virtuosity of his drumming. Now I can see where Mike Portnoy got his inspiration from !

As you can see from the set list they covered tracks from albums new & old, with, as promised, the entire Moving Pictures album - which was brilliant.

The stage had a large video screen which displayed a mixture of video & live shots of the band - very effective & great to be able to see Neil's drumkit from above.
Geddy Lee's bass playing was something to behold - have you ever heard of a lead bass guitar - well it was certainly played that way - quite stunning.

My first Rush gig was amazing & I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them again - perhaps on their 50th anniversary tour !!  ;) ;D ;D
Moving Pictures has just been released as a CD/Bluray special edition with 5.1 surround sound .. got to get me a copy of that !!!

The set list was as follows (thanks to

Video intro
1 The Spirit of Radio
2 Time Stand Still
3 Presto
4 Stick It Out
5 Workin' Them Angels
6 Leave That Thing Alone
7 Faithless
8 BU2B
9 Freewill
10 Marathon
11 Subdivisions

Intermission (Countdown then video intro)

12 Tom Sawyer
13 Red Barchetta
14 YYZ
15 Limelight
16 The Camera Eye
17 Witch Hunt
18 Vital Signs
19 Caravan
20 Drum Solo
21 Closer to the Heart
22 2112 Part I: Overture
23 2112 Part II: The Temples Of Syrinx
24 Far Cry

25 La Villa Strangiato (With Rash style polka beginning)
26 Working Man  (With Reggae style beginning)
(Video outro)

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by MickK on 18th May, 2011 at 9:42am
Jim they are a fantastic band to see live, all three members are great musicians, however my abiding memory of seeing the band is watching Geddy sing, play bass and release sound samples with his foot all at the same time and then smoothly switching to keyboards for a neat solo.  :)

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by Oldrocker on 18th May, 2011 at 4:48pm
You know, Mick, he did all that manipulation of pedals and various instruments so proficiently that I never even noticed !!!!!! :o :o ;D

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by Janey on 18th May, 2011 at 7:27pm
thanks for the write up Oldrocker.   Sounds like a great gig 8-) [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by Oldrocker on 21st May, 2011 at 10:38am
Here's rather a good review of the gig - a bit more professional than mine !! & with some great pics too !! ;) ;D

Title: Re: Rush Glasgow 14th May
Post by ProgMaster on 22nd May, 2011 at 8:38pm
Many thanks for the review of the gig, Jim. 8-)

It sounds as if you had a fantastic time !! I've never seen 'Rush' live myself but hopefully will one day. :)



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